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Gaining Access to a home on Trulia in Mcallen 

Today you can search for a home on Trulia in Mcallen Tx and get pretty close data to the homes on the  MLS in Mcallen . However, many people find their home on Trulia or Zillow andHouses-for-sale-in-McAllen-Tx need a easy and quick way to access the home without sending a pre-appproval letter to a real estate sales person.  Ben has helped many people on Trulia in Mcallen  get into their home or investment property. Our service is here to do just that, get you in the home. All it takes is a text to 361-413-9812 with the address you are interested in. We will make the arrangements for you and your family to tour the home you found on Trulia in Mcallen Tx.

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On-Line Shopping On Trulia in Mcallen Tx

We will provide you information from the Trulia Mcallen Tx MLS and a time to take a tour of any Texas home. Most importantly, we can do it quickly. Email with any questions you may have about a home you found on Trulia in Mcallen Tx.  We have had the privilege to help many Texas or soon to be Texans with their real estate needs all over Texas. So, please check out Benjamin Ross Realtor’s Zillow Reviews on Trulia. We look forward to helping you access the home you found on Trulia in Mcallen Tx in the future. We are here to help you!



Ben was able to get buyers to the table and close the deal. Overall, a good experience. We appreciated his real estate knowledge and guidance along the way.

Dr. Timothy Swain Cardiologist   

Called him on a whem and he meet us to show this home. Very helpful, very attractive. Very knowledgeable about the area. Would recommend him to anyone buying in the cc area. Thanks for all your help Ben

Katy Epperson   

"Very clear and Informative. I had no idea of the full process of buying a home but he was patient enough to give me a quick rundown of the process. I highly recommend!!!!!!!"


We are first time home buyers and Ben is making the process very smooth for us. Having Ben handling our transaction has relieved so much stress. If you are buying a home for the first time, I strongly suggest you call Ben.

R Roussa   

This was exactly what we where looking at, a grate support in all expected ways required for ghetti get the house in so short time and find what we need at the time we need... I definitely recommend Ben for you as him can find the solution you need at the time you need..

Stefano Usai   

"Working with Mr. Ross exceeded any of my expectations. I couldn't believe how responsive Mr. Ross was to all of our requests and questions. Mr. Ross knew the area very well and was willing to meet us late in the evening to view the home. He was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level even though we were on a very tight time frame. I truly believed his expertise helped tremendously!"


"We came in from Dallas to look at potential rental properties and he was very knowledgeable as well as personable. We liked him from the time we met and would recommend him to anyone looking in the Corpus Christi/Port Aransas areas. Ben was generous with his time and knowledge. We look forward to working with Ben on a deal soon! Thanks Ben for everything you have done for us!"

Michael Barrett   

Ben has been nothing short of amazing in the task of helping my family out with our first home purchase. His communication is very effective and timely. His patience with us has been great and he has lead us through this process seamlessly. I would definitely him to my peers,friends,family and wouldnt be calling anyone else for our future real estate needs.

Paul Pitchford   

"Benjamin Ross is an excellent choice in agents. He was the first to return our call, communication was a breeze and he was very knowledgeable about the area. He is prompt and prepared. He answered all of our questions. I highly recommend him."

Nehi and Anna   

"Ben is a very knowledgeable real estate agent. He is easy to get a hold of and always returns his calls quickly. He is honest and trustworthy. If you need him to buy or sell your home, I highly recommend him."

Mary T.   

"I would highly recommend Benjamin to be your real estate agent. Benjamin is very helpful and knowledgeable in regards to real estate. Benjamin cared about my needs and was easy to get a hold of. He always returned my calls promptly. I will definitely continue to work with Ben on this transaction as well as future ones."

Mr. Roberts   

Very helpful in helping us find our new home. He took the time to show us 9 homes on a Saturday because of how far we where from the area and our limited amount of time. Called us back with in minutes of first contacting him threw Zillow

Daniel Stokes   

Ben is highly knowledgeable and an expert at what he does. I had a good and easy experience when going through the purchasing process. If I had any questions, he was always there and took his time to explain everything I needed to know. Ben made me feel very comfortable with the process of buying a home because he was very courteous and easy to talk to. Ben worked very hard to help us get the property we were interested in. I highly recommend Ben if you are buying or selling a home. He will go above and beyond to help you.

Esmeralda C. Cabrera   

Ben is wonderful!! From finding houses that met our needs to explaining all of the paperwork, he made purchasing our new home easier than I could have ever imagined. I never had to worry about communication, he was on the ball 110% with e-mails and phone calls. We never felt lost in the shuffle. I would recommend Ben to anyone looking to purchase a home in the area.

E. Rae Ramos   

"Ben is a great realtor! He took his time and made great efforts to help me. He knows his business! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his service!"

Alex M.   

"Ben was very polite and showed he wanted to help me. He gave me all of the information I needed and more. I have not been able to find my dream home yet but I will definitely have Ben be my real estate agent when I do."

Mrs. Long   

I have acquired Mr. Ross services with finding my next vacation/investment property. Not only is he responsive to my inquiries but very knowledgeable with the finance part of the business.

Efrem Edwards   

"Benjamin responds very quickly unlike so many other real estate agents!He got me the information that I needed. Ben has a very good understanding of market climate and finance. I will only work with him in the future"


"Benjamin was very knowledgeable and helpful in the house hunting process. Ben was very punctual and always called back. Ben was very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone"


I am a first time buyer. Ben has been great help from the beginning. I worked out of town and Ben was there every step of the way to make sure things were on track, to viewings, offers and etc. Being a first time buyer was scarce, and assurance from Ben, I knew it was going to be okay. I am pleased with the home I've purchased. Thanks Ben!


Ben was a great agent to work with as we were selling our house while living out of state. He was very effective and timely with his communication and helped our sale go smoothly. He was always honest and told us the truth. We learned through inspection that our house had some damage from Hurricaine Harvey that we were unaware of, and Ben was great at helping us find and line up the workers that we needed to repair our house. He was available to be at the house when we needed him to be and was great at communicating all the steps of the home selling process. Thanks, Ben!

Mrs Bachman   



Found that home on Trulia in Mcallen? Here are 10 steps of the Home Buying Process.

Purchasing a home in Mcallen  could be a complicated, demanding process. Listed here are 10 steps that will help you with confidence to buy your new home in Mcallen Tx.

To assist, here’s one step-by-step help guide to the house-shopping process. You do not have to follow the exact order but you should get pre-approved before finding a real estate agent, for instance. Do not let a more prepared buyer snag your perfect dream home out from under your feet. Be Prepared.

Step One of Buying your Trulia Mcallen  Home: Check your credit score

Before contacting a mortgage broker in Mcallen Tx, it’s wise to check your credit score. Legally, you can acquire a free report annually through The report pulls data in the three major credit-reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Above all, getting the data in your hands before you decide to talk to a loan professional enables you to Trulia-homes-for-sale-in-McAllen-Txdispute any errors within the reporting. According to your credit score, Fair Isaac & Co. (FICO) assigns you a fico score varying from 350 to 850. The higher your credit rating is will determines how low your interest rate may be. As a result, the lower interest could save you thousands! Scores derive from:

• Payment history: Have you ever paid your debts promptly?

• Amounts owed: What’s your general debt?

• Period of credit rating: For how long have you been borrowing money? Mortgage brokers want to see a lengthy credit rating.

• New credit: Have you ever requested new credit?

• Kinds of credit: Lenders want to see several types, for example charge cards, vehicle loans, and student education loans.

So what exactly is a favorable credit record? You may expect a great type of loan at anything above 720. House buyers who pursue a Federal housing administration loan usually can get a loan if their credit is 580 or higher. Find FICO scores at worldwide for a one-time or monthly fee. Knowing your score, you will discover what rate of interest you will probably be eligible for a by researching rates of interest on Zillow.

Step Two: Determine what you can afford

Also, choose how much you’re prepared to pay. Just since you can be eligible for a bigger mortgage doesn’t mean you need to obtain that type of monthly payment. Make use of the mortgage affordability calculator to determine what you could afford. Now is a great time to analyze your local housing industry and begin researching areas and prices.

Step Three: Find a Realtor

Find-real-estate-on-Zillow-Trulia-McAllen-TxFirstly, this individual will probably be your lifeline with the process. Not such a long time ago, people didn’t have a lot of information available to them when choosing a real estate agent. Times have changed. It’s very simple to check on online reviews. Go ahead and consult a couple of agents and get some of your questions answered. Above all, your representative is your chief advocate, confidante, during the buying process.

Step Four: Get pre-approved with a Lender

It’s a good idea to get pre-approved for a financial loan early in your house search.

Pre-approval requires your lender to pull up your credit report(see Step One) and assess your funds. The loan provider will provide you with a letter that states the quantity they’d be prepared to lend you. When you get inside a multiple-offer scenario, being pre-approved could give you an advantage since the seller may have more confidence that you have pre-approval for a financial loan big enough to buy their house.
Therefore, when it’s time for you to obtain a mortgage formally, it’s better to get loan estimates from a minimum of three lenders to check their rates of interest and charges.

Step Five: Start searching for homes

That is to say, allow the serious shopping begin! Right now you’ve spoken things over with your agent, and you both know what you truly would like in the home. Consequently, equipped with this, your cost range and understanding of the neighborhood, take a look at listings on the internet. In addition, have your real estate agent begin showing you the inside of your prospective homes. Odds are you’ll uncover more wants and needs as you shop. Consequently, this will allow you to refine your search further as time goes on. 

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Step Six: Lets’s”Make a deal”

For many buyers, this is where the butterflies start to appear. Once you’ve found a house, you would like your agent works along with you to craft a deal. Remember, asking price is just a beginning point. Also, your agent will comprehend the market and will help you to help make a competitive and engaging offer, whether it’s below, at or over listing cost. What are the contingencies for your offer? Do you need a check mark? All of these are things your agent can help you with; the devil is in the details. Hopefully, your real estate agent can negotiate back and forth, producing an offer that makes both sides happy. Above all, once you have a signed offer by both parties, you have an executed contract.

Step 7: Home inspection day

So, in many cases, offers require a home inspection. This can be a special day. Zillow-houses-for-sale-in-McAllen-TxSure, you’re able to accompany the inspector and ask any related questions you may have. The inspector will make sure there aren’t any unseen defects. If so, you will need to negotiate the possible fixes during the option period. In other words, this is actually the most time you’ll have with your new house until closing. So, go on and start calculating things and working out what goes where. Most people will check appliance dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

Step 8: Get insurance and utilities set up

Therefore, simply call an insurance professional and inform them you’re purchasing a new house. They’ll handle writing a brand new policy.
Also, give power companies your move-in date to establish service. You will be happy you did on closing day!

Step 9: Closing day

The special day has arrived. You’ll read and sign papers after reading them and sign more. Even though you’re just hanging out a table, it may be exhausting. It means you’re nearing the finish line.

Step 10: Obtain the keys and relocate!

As a result, here it is. You did it. As a result, you are now a homeowner! Your purchase contract will specify just how soon you’re able to move in. Most of the time, it is right after close. Therefore, there may be some particular circumstances that delay moving sometimes. Whenever it’s, you’ve just ended the experience of a real estate transaction and begin the adventure of homeownership.


E-mail to schedule a Trulia Mcallen Tx tour(or anywhere in Texas) today. Also, please subscribe to our real estate tips and tricks blog. 

For Real Estate tutorial, visit Benjamin’s YouTube Channel.   provides direct MLS data to customers in Corpus Christi Tx as well as the Rio Grande Valley


About the Author

Benjamin Ross is a real estate expert and professional who serves the state of Texas. Benjamin started his career in 2002. He was a director for private investment companies, responsible for acquisitions and management of real estate.

As a Realtor, it is Benjamin’s priority and intention to treat you, the client, the way he would want to be treated if he was the client. Benjamin believes every client is unique with a unique set of goals. It is Benjamin’s job to help his clients accomplish their goals big and small.

As an Investor, Benjamin has an extensive history working with real estate investors. It can be challenging to find a realtor with personal real estate investments and the experience that comes with it. The fact that Benjamin is a real estate investor and Landlord makes him unique and beneficial to his clients.

As Source Expert, Benjamin also serves a variety of journalists and bloggers. Benjamin has a passion for teaching others about the real estate industry. Knowledge is power and Benjamin does not mind sharing it.
Benjamin loves to partner with other professionals across the state of Texas.

As a team player Benjamin embraces the knowledge and experience of others. He is always open to new ideas and opinions of others if it results in the success of his clients.

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Gain access to your favorite Trulia McAllen Tx Homes. Also read the 10 MUST KNOW Steps to Buying a Home
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Gain access to your favorite Trulia McAllen Tx Homes. Also read the 10 MUST KNOW Steps to Buying a Home
Trulia Mcallen TX. Find a home and we will schedule a tour for you in Mcallen. It's simple. Text today! 361-413-9812 Also read How to Buy a Home in 10 Steps

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