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Selling Your House? Items that Should NOT be Displayed in your Home.

Selling Your House? Items that Should NOT be Displayed in your Home.

Selling your house? What are some of the items you shouldn’t display when selling your home and why?

1.Personal Pictures – Selling your house can be more difficult with too many personal pictures. Buyers want to buy their new home, not move into your old home. Removing personal pics allows the buyer to envision this as their private bedroom more easily.

2. Political Paraphernalia – We can get passionate about our politics, especially in the comfort of our own home. We often forget to remove these things before a showing. Selling your house can be hard enough and this can put a bad taste in a buyers mouth and cost you a potential deal. You must ask yourself, Selling your house“Is it worth it?”

3. Caged Animals – Sellers tend to cage their animals in their bedroom during a showing. Perhaps they feel that the bedroom is more private so that’s where their animal should go. Well, it’s not. When selling your house, keep in mind the noise, odor, and distraction that comes with animals will destroy any vision the buyer may have, especially in the master bedroom. Keep your bedroom animal-free during a showing.

4. The Closet Urn – The Urn in the closet. You would be surprised how often this happens. Sellers do not want to display the urn, so they put it in the closet. When selling your house, expect buyers look into the closet, they may notice it. Introducing the concept of death into the mind of a potential buyer is not a sales strategy.

5. Too many air fresheners – Do not display air fresheners when selling your house. Be sure the bedroom smells fresh before your prospective buyers arrive. When buyers see air fresheners, they begin to wonder how it would smell if there were no air fresheners. Not good, especially if you have multiple air fresheners in the master bedroom and bath.

6. Art some may consider porn – Be sure not to display wall art or sculptures that show naked body parts. Many buyers bring their children, and some may find it offensive. Bad impressions are tough to overcome making the process of selling your house even more of a challenge.

7. Roach Motels and Mouse Traps – All of us have dealt with a rodent problem at some point. If we live in a rural area, it is a continuing battle to keep the rodents out. It can be easy to forget the stigma that comes along with pest control items when selling your house. Buyers will Selling your housenaturally think the worst. If they see a roach motel, maybe your home is infested with roaches. If they see a mousetrap, wow, your home has a rodent problem. It is best to remove these traps. Do not place them in cabinets because buyers often look in cabinets. You would not want a mousetrap to pinch an unsuspecting finger.

8. Sex Toys – If you and your partner use these, be sure they are put up and away from a buyers viewpoint. When buyers see these things, it may make them feel a little disgusted, and that is certainly not the impression you want to convey when selling your house.

9. Taxidermy – Many people find animal heads on walls disgusting and even offensive. It is best to remove these items in the interest of selling your home and filling your wallet.

10. Weapons and firearms – These should be put up anyway, preferably under lock and key. Often, children accompany adults on property showings. Children being curious about a firearm while their parent is distracted, looking at your home can make a deadly combination. It is best to put dangerous weapons away and out of reach for the safety of everyone.

11. Creepy Decor – Decor such as head skulls and skeletons should not be displayed. People will not want to buy a home that they are creeped out in. I know I wouldn’t.

12. Yourself – It is best to let their real estate agent show them the home. They know and most likely have a rapport with their real estate agent. The seller finds themselves the odd man out, which usually results in the buyers not be comfortable and wanting to leave the showing early. This is not good. Most real estate agents will advise you to take a 30 minute or so trip while your home is being viewed.

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                                                                                              Selling your house

When preparing your home to be viewed, it is important to take careful thought and time preparing. You want to get it right the first time and not lose potential buyers because of some oversights. A good real estate agent is aware of all the things I mentioned above. Take a minute and pretend that you’re the buyer walking through your own house. Be objective and ask yourself is there anything that turns you off. If so, make the necessary changes.

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