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Sell your home in San Antonio

Sell your home in San Antonio

Sell your home in San Antonio, 3 must do steps

Sell your home san antonio

If you want to sell your home in San Antonio, there are 3 things you must do first. With regards to first impressions, the small things make a big difference.

Do you intend to sell your home this season? Now’s time for you to prep it for listing!

Put aside a few weekends to complete the job, and follow these three steps. Then, prepare to create a great impression on potential customers and cinch the deal.

Step One: Be neat and lose the clutter

It might seem apparent, but the significance of cleaning and decluttering your home is crucial when it comes to selling your home. Here are a few suggestions to get this to process nearly painless.

Eliminate clutter before cleaning: It is now time to rid your home of undesirable and unnecessary things. Additionally, donate stuff to charitable organizations like goodwill, consider listing them on Craigslist or the Facebook market. Recyclers are frequently willing to get and haul away large metal products free of charge. Nothing will turn off prospective buyers more than clutter and junk.

Deep clean your home: This task will most likely involve you and the family investing a lot of time. Get everyone involved if you’re able to! When the house sells, everyone benefits. Put a particular focus on bathrooms and kitchens. Clean the interior and exterior of windows – this will make a very nice improvement within the overall look of your property.

Organize closets, cabinets, and drawers: Within this situation, out of sight isn’t out of mind. Many potential customers will open cabinets and closets since they’re considering space for storage. Neat and organized storage areas signal to buyers that you simply take proper care of the home. The neater the house, the more potential buyers will be able to envision it as their home.

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Step Two: Make Minor Repairs

Take proper care of these issues before you decide to show the home. Most of us have a multitude of small repairs that we need to attend to in our home. However, most of us put it off so we can watch the football game. So, now it is time to get serious if we want that future payday! So, when I say minor repairs, I mean small repairs we can do ourselves versus contracting them out. Save the costly repairs for later. You may even be able to negotiate a deal with potentials buyers for more extensive repairs. That happens all of the time.

Fix any dripping faucets and running toilets.

Replace caulking around tubs, showers, and sinks. That will also give it a crisp, clean look as well.

Fill or repair grout when needed.

Be sure to repair walls and repaint using neutral color paint. Most people find these colors pleasing.

Fix broken or damaged windows. If your potential buyers are using an FHA Home Loan, this will be required anyway.

Make sure that all of the light bulbs work properly in the home.

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Step Three: It’s all about Curb Appeal

You want potential buyers to become charmed and excited when they drive up to your home. First impressions are huge and good first impressions are vital. If a prospective buyer has a bad first impression, he is unlikely to change his opinion.

Don’t forget to trim shrubbery, trees, and shrubs. Make sure plant life isn’t touching your homes roof or siding.

Repair damaged downspouts and gutters.

If it is needed, apply new mulch, river rock, and stones. This could however, do wonders for the landscaping and create instant charm.

Clean and repair concrete areas, for example, driveways and walkways. Eliminate any oil or grease stains, and remove weeds growing through the cracks.

If it is seasonally appropriate, plant some annual flowers, that will maintain their color for that season. Put a brand new welcome mat in front of the door.

With only minimal effort, that is to say,  you may make your home beautiful and welcoming, both inside and out.

Ready to place your home on the market? If you live in South Texas, contact Benjamin Ross Realtor at If you live outside of Texas, Benjamin will gladly refer you to a professional real estate agent.

Sell your home in San Antonio, 3 must do steps
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Sell your home in San Antonio, 3 must do steps
There is alot of work that needs to be done before you sell your home in San Antonio. This article is about three of those steps. If you do all the right things there may be a large payday waiting for you. Contact Benjamin Ross Realtor, a San Antonio Realtor to assist and help you. 361-413-9812
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