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Homes for Sale in Dallas TX & Tips for Fixing Your Credit

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Searching Houses for sale in Dallas Tx?

Are you interest in the houses for sale in Dallas Tx? Ben enjoys working with Zillow customers from all over Texas. Ben has helped buyers from Dallas Tx find their home or investment property. Contacting Benjamin is the first step for Zillow or customers to get inside the Dallas Tx home or homes the are deeply interested in. First of all, Benjamin Ross recognizes the value his clients’ place in him and always strives to exceed expectations.

Also, Benjamin Ross Realtor, along with Mission Real Estate Group, is confident in their customer satisfaction. Because of our service-based business model is designed to meet all of our customer needs, Big or Small. Mission Real Estate Group has helped clients buy and sell thousands of homes all over Texas. Please contact Benjamin at or visit to schedule an appointment to see your favorite Zillow or houses for sale in Dallas Tx today!


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 Visit to view homes in south Texas areas. We will provide you information and a tour for any home in Texas you would like to see. Most importantly, we can do it quickly.  Also, We are available for questions at or you can text 361-413-9812. We have had the wonderful opportunity to help many people with their real estate needs all over Texas. So, please check out Benjamin Ross Realtor’s Zillow Reviews. We certainly look forward to helping you in the future.

Below are 7 credit repair strategies you can use today!

Houses for sale in Dallas Tx

Need Credit Repair before searching houses for sale in Dallas Tx?

Reversing your credit damage often means you can qualify for lower rates of interest and terms. Buying a home can be a long thoughtful process. It all starts with your Credit. Remember, it will take some time to fix your Credit, but the end result of you owning your new home will be far worth it.

This is exactly why the time to begin improving your Credit is NOW.

Fortunately, it isn’t to difficult to raise your credit score.

Houses for sale in Dallas Tx – Here are 7 easy steps you can follow:

1. Take a look at your credit history

The loan bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian — are needed to provide you with a free copy of the report annually. All you need to do is ask. (Click on the links to request a duplicate.)

Also, a different way to see your credit history is by using a service like Credit Karma.
Once you have registered, you can observe your credit ratings and examine the data contained in the report.

 2. Dispute negative marks

Benjamin Ross Realtor myactiveagent.comAbove all, dispute your errors on-line. Even if you are not sure or can’t remember, dispute it. Certain things weigh more heavily on your credit rating than the others, so focus on the higher impacts first.

Begin with derogatory marks like collection accounts and judgments. It isn’t uncommon to have a collection account show up on your report.

Using a service such as Credit Karma to fix problems can be easy. Click the “Dispute” button, selected ” Many times these bad marks can be removed off of your credit report within a week. It is that easy.

Moreover, bear in mind some disputes will consequently require more time than others. But that is OK. Importantly, after you initiate the dispute, the loan bureaus TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are mandated to research it and report the resolution.

Just investing some time doing this could increase your score dramatically, helping you along the road of homeownership.

 3. No Response From a Creditor is a good thing!

SO far, we have discussed attempting to remove any mistakes only.

Firstly, maybe your one of millions of people that for whatever reason did not pay your account and the creditor reported you. After enough time has passed, there is a good chance that the creditor turned your account over to a collection company. Once you dispute the derogatory mark, that collection company has a time frame to respond. (Many times collection agencies never respond) So, if they fail to respond it results in removal of your derogatory mark, which instantly increases your credit score. This is a strategy credit repair companies use, attempting to improve their clients’ score. Why pay repair companies when you can easily do it for free?

4. Ask nicely

Also, you may attempt and to get rid of a bed report such as a late penalty by calling your creditor and nicely offering an explanation as to why this happened. Many people assume that this is a waste of time. I like to look at it as “I have nothing to lose.” You would be surprised to see how many flies you catch with honey. So, give it a try. As I stated, you have nothing to lose. Try asking nicely.

5. Increase your credit limits

Increasing your credit limit affects the debt to credit ratios that affect your credit score. By increasing your Credit (If you can) makes these ratios much more appealing, consequently, giving the sense that you do not need the Credit as much. This makes you a better risk to prospective lenders. In mostHomes for sale in Dallas Tx cases, keeping an account balance over 50 % of the available Credit will negatively impact your score. Maxing your cards will hurt your credit score. Increasing available Credit lowers debt margins. Paying down your balance or increasing your Credit makes a winning strategy.

6. Open another credit account

A different way to improve your charge card utilization ratio would be to open a brand new account. Just be sure you do not use the Credit and create a balance. Doing so would be for lack of a better term, “shooting yourself in the foot” Remember the point is not driving ourselves deeper in debt, it is to lower our credit utilization ratio. Therefore, before you open a new credit card account, try to get the lowest annual fees. These fees are money thrown out the window. Keep it minimized.

 7. Ride the good credit coattails of others (a person you trust.)

To clarify, say your partner includes a charge card with little if any balance along with great payment history. That is to say, ask them if they will agree to put you on the account as an approved user. This will allow them to pass on their “good credit juice” to you. Beware though. In Addition, if they are late or damage their account, it will fall on you too back to square one if you are lucky.

Houses for sale in Dallas Tx Conclusion:

In Conclusion, hopefully, these tips will help you. Remember, when buying a house, it is essential to leave a paper trail. Potential lenders like to see where the money comes from and where it goes. You should start doing this for about six months before you plan to buy. For more detailed information, contact a mortgage broker. If you do not know one, leave a reply and I will send you their contact information.

We are here to help

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Houses for Sale in Dallas Tx and Tips for fixing your credit
Article Name
Houses for Sale in Dallas Tx and Tips for fixing your credit
Houses for sale in Dallas Tx. Let us help get you inside the house you want to look at. It is simple. Just text the full address and times you are available. We will do the rest. Read these credit repair tips. We want you prepared. Let's get you in to see houses in Dallas Tx you found on the Zillow/ Text Ben 361-413-9812 or email

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