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Home Improvement in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi home improvement

Home Improvement in Corpus Christi –  5 steps to Grow a gorgeous lawn

Read this article about home improvement in Corpus Christi. So, even when your lawn consists of more weeds than actual grass, you are able to transform it around with a few key spring maintenance steps. Try these five tips to make your lawn ready before the weather gets too hot, and all the grass (and weeds) get away from you, leaving you an endless amount of work to catch up.

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Prevent weeds

Proper mowing, irrigation and feeding practices are very effective for weed prevention, but larger and established weed populations will require a little more than just routine maintenance.

Make use of a preemergent herbicide to prevent warm-season weeds before they sprout. Or even a weed-free lawn may be easily ruined by nearby weeds as well as their traveling seeds, so remove any weeds within the garden now so that they don’t invade your lawn.

In case your lawn has bare spots, fill them in with sod or seed, so weeds don’t sprout and obtain a foothold.

Start your engines

Corpus Christi Home ImprovementSimilar to cars, lawnmowers stop working without routine maintenance. Lawnmower maintenance should have been done during the fall, switch the mower’s gas and oil using the types suggested inside your mower’s instructions if you have not done so already.

Take a look at the general condition of the lawnmower engine and its parts. Change corroded spark plugs and dirty air conditioning filters. Pour in a fuel stabilizer to help keep the gas from going stale and harming the mower’s engine.

Be sure the mower blade is sharp. A sharp edge will protect your grass from disease. Grass cut raggedly can be very susceptible to disease. Use a file to sharpen the blade or buy a new blade form a store like The Home Depot. Dull blades are very hard on your lawnmower as well. A dull blade will shorten the life of your engine by putting it through unnecessary wear and tear. Clean your mower frequently to enhance performance and stop corrosion.

Remove the thatch

There is a spongy layer of dead grass that accumulates inside your lawn. We call this thatch. A small layer of thatch is common as well as healthy for your lawn. The thatch layer protects the soil, roots as well as beneficial microorganisms. However, when that thatch becomes overgrown, beyond an inch tall, drought and weeds may occur leading to more issues.

Thatch is likely to develop on lawns which have acidic or compacted soil. Thatch also occurs on lawns excessively exposed to herbicides and pesticides. If thatch is normally present on your street, prevent it with core aeration. This enables air to comb the soil, promoting microorganisms that naturally break down thatch. Use a power rake when the thatch is over an inch tall.

Reseed and resod

None of those tips is going to do much good with no proper lawn. In case you feel your lawn is beyond hope, you always have the option of starting over from scratch.

If you have an existing annual lawn, you will need to remove the sod cutter. Grasses like Bermuda or St. Augustine grass, tend to be tougher to get rid of, so you’ll have to in all probability use an herbicide.

Once you’ve dug out the grass, change it with soil along with a grass variety appropriate for your region. It could take up to two to install the sod.

Add topsoil or composted manure to the bare soil, and lay the sod or planting seeds. Be careful to follow the directions on the label. After planting, water it frequently until the new grass becomes established.

 Create good habits

Awesome Home Improvement in Corpus Christi means creating good habits. If you are not already carrying out a fertilizing schedule, start one now by using the directions in your product of preference. You may forget this schedule following the first feeding, so pencil in the dates on your calendar so you will not lose track.

Start the growing season off right by mowing more frequently, on the higher setting as well as in alternating directions. Closely look at your sprinklers and water pipes for possible leaks – an area of moist soil or perhaps an excessive water bill could be the first clue. In case your lawn appears to allow in the surrounding landscaping, start edging, so you have a defined lawn border.

rent an edger or use a string trimmer to make deep, clean cuts that will last through the year for easier mowing.

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Home Improvement in Corpus Christi -  5 steps to Grow a gorgeous lawn
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Home Improvement in Corpus Christi -  5 steps to Grow a gorgeous lawn
Having a beautiful lawn can really help you when the time comes to sell. I encourage homeowners to take care of their lawns as this can not be done overnight. When potential buyers see a lawn well taken care of, they presume the house is well taken care of. Call Benjamin Ross Realtor for all of your Corpus Christi real estate needs.
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