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 Implement Smart Home Tech to Create a Safer Home

Before the technology revolution, there were a few ways to create a safer home:

  • Install strong deadbolt locks.
  • Fix broken windows and screens.
  • Install good outdoor lighting.
  • Buy a mechanical alarm system.
  • Sign up with a home alarm company.
  • Get a dog.
  • Purchase a gun.

Things have changed greatly since your parents’ era, and here are some ways you can protect your home now through the use of smart tech.

                                                                                               Smart Doorknobs

smart home tech

A smart doorknob system will automatically lock your standard deadbolt when you leave the house. You can also control it from your mobile device, thereby opening or locking the door when repair people arrive or depart. A camera is included with the more sophisticated systems, and with that option, you’ll be able to see who is at the door. The best smart doorknobs include a mic/speaker set-up where you can converse with anyone that comes to your door.

Cameras and Sensors

Whether you’re living in a huge suburban mansion on the west coast or a cheap apartment in an expensive city like Chicago, you no longer have to wait for the fire department to call you after the fact and report that while you were on vacation, you suffered a serious fire. With today’s smart sensors and cameras, you can see what is going on in your home at all times, and in addition, you can get alerts on your phone that will tell you if smoke is detected. 


                                                                                     Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart home technology

Get one of these and you’ll get an instant alert on your phone if there has been a rise in carbon monoxide levels. And if you need a reminder, carbon monoxide is that colorless and odorless product of combustion that can quickly kill you and members of your family.

Smart Lighting

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of incandescent bulbs wherever possible. Those–and even fluorescent fixtures–are much less efficient than the very popular LED lighting systems. LEDS have come way down in price, they throw minimal amounts of heat, they can now be dimmed if you prefer, and they last a long time. You can purchase an entryway LED light fixture that is constructed to last almost 40 years, and if you open it, you will see no traditional light bulbs in it. 

If you pair your new LED fixtures with a smart lighting app, you’ll be able to control hues and intensity from your mobile device. When you are on vacation you can outsmart burglars by setting your lights to go on and off in a seemingly random pattern.


With so many smart systems available, you might want to piece a system together so that you can control everything from your phone. While this is possible, this DIY hack may leave you with multiple apps that you need to juggle in order to control your systems. Consider instead a home automation program that will take your apps and combine them into a single system where you will be easily able to control the systems that protect your home. 

We’ve come a long way from the days when the only way homeowners could protect their house was to put up a sign from an alarm company that did not exist!


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