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“Use my real estate experience to serve your company or firm as a freelance writer”


“Benjamin Ross, the founder of My Active Agents mission, is to offer excellent content writing services for media and real estate clients from a freelance writer and real estate professional. Benjamin wants to share his expertise within the field of real estate by providing the freelance writing service of an active realtor and investor.By combining his passions of being a freelance writer and realtor, Benjamin has been quoted by Forbes, Us & World News,, Yahoo Finance, and many more for his opinions and thought regarding real estate.

Real Estate and a Freelance Writer

All of us within the real estate industry have one thing in common; we need great real estate content. In today’s world, content is king and in high demand. Consumers have not only come to expect this, but they demand it. Today’s home buyers often know more about the property in question than the real estate professionals themselves. Buyers arm themselves with content, and if you as a company fail to provide it, they go elsewhere and fast.
My quotes and opinions regarding real estate have been published all over the world. Media outlets, including Us and World News, Forbes, Quicken Loans Zing Blog, Dallas Morning News, have all published my opinions. Why? Not because I am the best real estate agent out there but because I took the time to offer them what eighteen years in the real estate industry gave me, my real estate experience.
Real estate has always been my passion, and it has been incredibly good to my family and I. However, I found that I do indeed have another passion, writing. When I merge both of those passions, something beautiful happens.

freelance writer

About Benjamin Ross

Benjamin Ross is a real estate expert and professional who serves the state of Texas. Benjamin started his career in 2002. He was a director for private investment companies, responsible for acquisitions and management of the real estate. 

As a Writer, Benjamin Ross provides many services within the real estate community including freelance writing. Let Benjamin Ross help your real estate company or marketing firm deliver wonderful real estate content to your clients

As a Realtor, it is Benjamin’s priority and intention to treat you, the client, the way he would want to be treated if he was the client. Benjamin believes every client is unique with a unique set of goals. It is Benjamin’s job to help his clients accomplish their goals big and small.

As an Investor, Benjamin has an extensive history working with real estate investors. It can be challenging to find a realtor with personal real estate investments and the experience that comes with it. The fact that Benjamin is a real estate investor and Landlord makes him unique and beneficial to his clients.

As Source Expert, Benjamin also serves a variety of journalists and bloggers. Benjamin has a passion for teaching others about the real estate industry. Knowledge is power, and Benjamin does not mind sharing it. 

As a team player, Benjamin embraces the knowledge and experience of others. He is always open to new ideas and opinions of others if it results in the success of his clients. Benjamin loves to partner with other professionals across the state of Texas. 

As a Community Leader, Benjamin has partnered with the PSJA (Pharr San Juan Alamo) school district helping future business owners navigate their path to success. Benjamin serves as a mentor as well as engaging with high school student within the classroom, teaching them what it takes to be successful. Benjamin also contributes financially to further promote the activities of the school district, especially for low-income students. Benjamin takes pride in and loves serving his PSJA community near McAllen, Texas.

Freelance Writer

Benjamin’s Published  Quotes as a Freelance Writer and Realtor (see all)

Because of Benjamin’s knowledge of real estate, his quotes and articles can be found in many publications nationwide, including the ones’ displayed below.


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Let Benjamin know if he as a freelance writer can help your business. Benjamin has a limited number of client slots left available. Contact him quickly before they are gone.

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Freelance writing services specializing in real estate
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A freelance writer and real estate professional who specializes in real estate content marketing. Let a real estate professional help your business!

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