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History of Calallen


The community of Calallen is on the Nueces River in the north central Nueces County. It is approximately 16 miles from Corpus Christi, Texas. You will not see a sign that says “Calallen” along IH37, nor will you see it on a highway map. But Calallen exists, especially in the hearts of the descendants of the original settlers. Some of the settlers were the Allens, Harneys, Bickhams, Magees, and Noakes.

Calallen was established by the Calvin Townsite Company on August 18, 1910.  President of the company was Calvin J. Allen. The land platted as the Calvin townsite was originally part of the Spanish land grant given to Gregoria Farias by the King of Spain. The land changed hands several times until 1117 acres was sold to Calvin Allen for $4,000.


More Calallen History

There were many businesses in Calallen during the boom years of 1920-1940. The Corpus Christi Water Plant had been built on the river in 1896, and as Corpus Christi grew, so did the job opportunities at the plant. Other businesses were the Coleman vegetable packing sheds and the Calallen Gin. During the early 20’s the Aults opened an apiary. They not only collected honey from their hives, but also made queen bees. The bee hives and the queens were shipped to the north in the summer. During the cold months, they were shipped back to Calallen by train to protect them.



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